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Today, the most challenging part is not good product but to get good Partner who can give good technical support, design good solution can help to develop total IT Solution. Most of the customers are dependent on Vendor, getting good product but are not able to utilize the investment, not getting technological updates on regular basis. When a problem with IT infrastructure occurs, nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with someone who does not understand your problem, or who does not have the relevant information to hand to resolve the issue – especially in an emergency situation

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Solarwinds Orion Network Performance Monitor

Orion NPM delivers comprehensive fault and performance management that scales with rapid network growth and expands with network monitoring needs.  Orion NPM enables you to quickly detect, diagnose and resolve network performance problems and outages.  Orion NPM is an comprehensive web-enabled fault and performance management platform that gives you broad visibility across your network.

  • Monitors and analyzes real-time, in-depth network performance metrics for routers, switches, servers, and any other SNMP-enabled devices.
  • Provides a highly intuitive, customizable web interface with point-and-click simplicity that supports multiple views by user and department.
  • Gets you up and running in less than an hour with Orion NPM’s do-it-yourself deployment.
  • Enables advanced alerting for correlated events, sustained conditions, and    complex combinations of device states.
  • Scales to accommodate growth and management needs with a hot standby engine, multiple polling engines, and additional web servers.
  • Expandable Modules for NetFlow, VoIP, Applications, and Wireless.
  • Delivers integrated community support, delivering the assistance you need from   thousands of network engineers on Thwack, SolarWinds community site.
  • Leverages a Universal Device Poller to monitor any SNMP-enabled device.
  • Orion NPM includes out-of-the-box monitoring for thousands of vendors and  operating systems, including Cisco®, Foundry®, Extreme Networks®, Motorola®, ARRIS®, Linux, Solaris®, HP-UX®, AIX®, Windows® 2000, Windows 2003, and Windows XP devices.